How To Update Internet Explorer on Window 7

How To Update Internet Explorer on Window 7:


Often there are various problems also faced by the IE browser like download problem, not able to access certain websites, browser not responding, tabs are freezing, etc. These are common issues and the problems occurs with most of the browser applications in use. The best solution to overcome these problems is by updating the browser on regular intervals or whenever updates are available for the browser.


how to update internet explorer
Internet Explorer is one of the most reliable and widely used web browser. Heavy web pages are loaded easily in the browser due to document object model. It support essential navigation and downloads are done in a safe environment.



how to update internet explorer


Internet Explorer has tracking protection list to protect the browser from browser tracking habits. It can be integrated with various Operating Systtem and also the web page loads faster that other web browsers.




Here are some of the processes to update the browser:



First Process:


  • Explore the IE browser and click on the gear icon in the browser.


  • As the drop down appears, select ‘About Internet Explorer’.


  • Next select the option ‘Install new version automatically’ and the IE browser will be updated automatically.




Second Process:


  • In the Search box in Windows 7 type ‘Update’.


  • Next click on ‘Windows Update’ and select ‘Check for updates’.


  • All the available updates will be displayed in the message.


  • Choose the required update and click ‘OK’.


  • Now click on ‘Install Update’.




Third Process:


  • Open the IE browser and then click on ‘Tools’ option.


  • Select ‘Windows Update’ and choose ‘Customs’.


  • Wait some time for the processing of the updates and select ‘Clear All’ under High-priority updates.


  • Now choose the IE related updates from the list of potential updates.


  • Finally click on ‘Review and install updates’.






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