8 ball pool mod 3.7.1 apk

8 ball pool long line:


8 ball pool long line is used to to guide the player or user of 8 ball to have idea to easily pot ball in the holes.8 ball pool is very interesting and time killer game.Eight ball pool game was created by Rob SmallΒ back in 2003 or 2004.




Now this game is maintained and operated by a company named as Miniclip.Minclip is game company based in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and England.Now a days 8 ball pool is in the list of top 100 games playing all over the world.8 ball pool is the largest multiplayer game of its genre,millions of players plays eight pall pool game daily.It has weeklyΒ competiton among all the players from all over the world.




How To play 8 ball pool:



8 ball pool game played in realistic themed rooms.The rooms are having names and there are different rooms and different coins prizes in all the rooms.Eight ball pool is played with one white cue ball and 15 others numbered balls.,that includes one black ball named as 8 ball.



There are two groups of balls one is called Solid balls ,they are numbered from 1 to 7.The other group of balls is called Stripes balls and they are numbered from 9 to 15.A player have to pot all the balls either solids balls or stripes balls to pot 8 ball in the last.There are different types of cues which have different aims,different purchasing and different recharging prices.




All the cues have different powers,aims,spining power and timings.There also have no guideline rooms it means that now cue aim will be shown in that no guideline rooms.



8 ball pool Mod 3.7.1:


A game mod is the modification of videos games that manners different from the original ones.It is moded or modified by Game Programmers.8 ball pool mod is modified,so the player can get following benefits from 8 ball pool mod.




1.A new game background image.



2.User have cue aim in no guideline rooms.



3.There is no worry to be banned because of using long line hack.



8 ball pool long line



i am also sharing an updated 8 ball pool mod version 3.7.1 apk.Download it here and Enjoy 8 ball pool game with a new fun ?




Download 8 ball pool 3.7.1 mod



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